From 1st stage up to 100:1

‘Powerful torque realized through reduction ratio

In automated production lines, agricultural and construction machinery, conveyor belts, 

process equipment and other high-load applications, the torque output of the reducer is critical.

The high reduction ratio of BSR series reducers significantly reduces input speed, increasing output torque. 

This makes it an excellent choice for moving heavy or resistant objects. 

Increases work efficiency and ensures stable operation in high-load environments.

Reduce the number of parts and increase durability

Small and light ‘small and light reducer’

Bon Systems Co., Ltd.'s reducer BSR was developed considering the final productivity of the product from the design stage.

By applying the simple design, minimized number of parts, and special features of cycloidal tooth shape, 

The size and weight of the product have been minimized, which maximizes the space efficiency of the product during the design stage.

In the case of self-driving robots, which are recently widely used in the logistics industry, 

the results of applying a BSR reducer in an in-wheel type method,

It was possible to reduce the volume by about 70% compared to the previous version, 

which not only minimizes unnecessary volume required for the product.

It is advantageous to secure extra space in the product design, 

which has a significant impact on improving product performance and reducing costs.

'Small but strong!'

The only product developed with domestic technology

cycloidal reducer

Cycloid Gear, BON SPEED REDUCER Serise

Company A AGV and AMR 

Driving reducer test performance results, 

 ‘Remarkable volume reduction’ 

compared to before

Image of BSR reducer applied inside the driving wheel of an autonomous robot

When applying BSR, a volume reduction effect of about 70% can be secured compared to existing reducers.