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 industrial compact precision gearbox  

Cycloid gear design, reducer design and development, and BSR reducer sales. 

CEOChanghyun Kim
Company nameBonsystems Co., Ltd
5-15, Gamgye-ro 156-gil, Buk-myeon, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea (51112)
Establishment July 2, 2015

Conjugated double cycloidal tooth reducer with helical angle (10-2015-0131755)

Pellet-type raw material extruder (10-2017-0044165/10-2017-0044166)

Ceramic raw material extruder (10-2017-0144353)

BLDC motor with cooling unit (10-2017-0039094)

Roller Track Gear System (10-2012-0040194)

Ultrasonic Motor (10-2013-0059237)

Bon Systems Co., Ltd. 

is leading the 4th industrial revolution.

We provide ‘electrification solutions’.

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Bon Systems Co., Ltd. is a company that is becoming a leader in the field of electrification solutions for a sustainable future. Through our self-developed cycloidal reduction technology, we meet special requirements in a variety of industries and aim to advance the energy efficiency of electric power systems for a sustainable future. We provide innovative products.

Bon Systems Co., Ltd.'s actuator and reducer solutions can be used in various fields such as automation, robots, eco-friendliness, construction, aviation, shipping, agriculture, medicine, and defense, and are leading innovation by surpassing technological limitations. In particular, we are leading technological innovation to keep pace with the era of autonomous driving and automation, and are also actively responding to the transition to an era of eco-friendly and electric propulsion in accordance with environmental regulations.

Bon Systems Co., Ltd.'s core technology is the reducer within the actuator, which has advantages in terms of high torque, durability, weight, space utilization, and price, and provides optimized solutions to customers. In addition, we secure a competitive edge in the market through our proprietary, patented tooth design technology.

Bon Systems Co., Ltd. promises to expand into the actuator field starting in 2024, bring about more innovative changes, and pave the way to create a better world for future generations. These efforts play a critical role in protecting our environment and building a future for a better world.